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Ceci Wehncke  was born and raised in Guatemala City.

She remembers her parents took her to art classes since she was a little girl, and she always showed talent in every creative activity she did. After graduating from high school Ceci moved to Minnesota, USA to live as an exchange student and studied cosmetology. After graduating and getting prestigious jobs even though she was very happy with her career, she wasn’t quite sure that’s what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She knew her true passion was fine art.

Ceci loves traveling and experiencing other cultures. With a great desire to explore she moved to Florence, Italy with some of her friends and got the chance to live the culture and travel around Europe and feed her artful soul. After studying art, Ceci finally has pursued her dream of becoming a professional artist.

She loves the opportunity she has to touch lives through her art, express real feelings, uniqueness and transparency . Ceci wants people to identify with her art and feelings being truly herself. She says about her art

“I love the freedom of an abstract mark making and the contrast of it with realism image in minimalist way. I found my own way to mix these two styles.”

She likes to paint animals, mostly elephants and women. She expresses herself through the transparency and drips of her artwork, textures and bright colors.

Ceci’s studio is located in Guatemala City where she lives with her husband and children. She balances her vibrant family life with her art career and enjoys the idea of traveling the world to her perspective collectors. She feels there is nothing more important than being your true self, genuine and unique. She is now a full time artist and feels very happy dedicating her life and passion to art.